Top Management

January 14, 2015
Leadership Dont Compromise Quality

Leadership Notes – Don’t Compromise on Quality

To all my colleagues and fellow executives, If you have not made a New Year’s resolution, here is my humble advice for one, from a cohort who also has a company to run...
January 21, 2014
farmington nights

Farmington Nights – API Spec Q2 Certification: Not for the Faint of Heart

On a beautiful January afternoon in Houston, I prepare to go to Farmington, New Mexico, a town of 45,000 that most people have never heard of. It’s 60 degrees and sunny in Houston...
April 16, 2013
Customer Satisfaction

Who is in Charge of Customer Satisfaction? Quality or Sales?

If your company is ISO certified or thinking about becoming ISO certified, you may already know that meeting customer requirements and achieving customer satisfaction is paramount to the certification ...
January 15, 2013
bsi certification registration

The AREs vs the WANNA-BEs

In this world, there are two types of organizations: those that are ISO certified, and those that want to be. Which one is your organization? We ARE ISO 9001 certified! Mireaux’s ISO 9001 Certificate of ...
November 28, 2012

What if our Politicians Were Required to Implement an ISO 9001 Quality Management System on Themselves?

Are you fed up with our politicians? Do you feel they don’t have any morals or goals, or that they do not listen to their constituents’ suggestions for improvement? Do you feel sometimes they don’t know what they are doing?...
October 17, 2012

ISO is Easier Said than Done Series: Why We Have No ISO Exclusions

When it comes to becoming ISO certified, many organizations try to take as many exclusions as they can from their scope of certification. I imagine they do this because it reduces the number of audit days, and because the cost of certification is determined by the number of audit days. But I think they also ...
February 24, 2011

Five New Year Resolutions for Top Management

Most of us set new resolutions at the onset of every new year. Whether it is losing weight, exercising more (always the top resolutions!) or finishing a degree, we all recognize that a new year and the chance of a fresh start is a powerful combination to motivate us to achieve those goals. So why ...
October 16, 2009

When Top Management Believes, Breakthroughs Can Happen

Ok, so we’ve been certified to the ISO 9001 standard for the longest. Yes our processes are better, we have gotten new customers over the years because of the certification, and yes we track our objectives and customer satisfaction. But is there anything else left to be extracted out of our program and its recurrent ...
July 31, 2009

Do You Need a Consultant to Achieve ISO 9001 Certification?

Well, a simple answer is no, you don’t need a consultant to achieve ISO 9001 certification. In fact many companies achieve ISO 9001 on their own, by appointing key employees to the task. The implications however of trying to implement a system on your own can be a set back to your business if resources ...