ISO 9001

July 10, 2009

Understanding the Background and New Approaches of ISO 9001

Philosophical Background of ISO 9000 When ISO 9001 started more than 20 years ago, it started as a progression to the guidelines applied to a defined set of institutions, specifically the military, whose functions, products and services were always the same. The standards where indeed tweaked a few years after so that they could be ...
June 26, 2009

Effective Evaluation & Reevaluation of Suppliers – Part 1

The ISO 9001standard’s requirements in regards to suppliers are very short and concise but carry a lot of punch. This requirement can be very deceiving and in fact is very often misinterpreted and carried out poorly or partially. By implementing this clause correctly, an organization will get the full extent of the benefits sought out ...
June 19, 2009

The Right Time to Implement ISO 9001?

Although ISO 9001 is a certification claimed by thousands of organizations all over the world, some companies still have a tough time taking the step to world class quality. We are too busy, we don’t have enough people, our customers don’t require it, we don’t need it, etc, etc. Let’s look together at the pros ...
June 5, 2009

Beginning the ISO 9001 Journey: The Quality Policy

Quality Policy The quality policy is meant to be a statement or a group of statements that reflects your organization’s culture. It does not necessarily have to repeat the sentences or paragraphs contained in the ISO 9001 standard nor include some words contained in the ISO standard, or much less be similar to another company’s ...