Supply Chain Management

September 21, 2013
critical suppliers

How to Determine Critical Suppliers (vs. Non-critical Suppliers) Based on API Specification Q1 9th Edition or API Specification Q2

A reader asks, “I am currently working on transition to API Specification Q1 9th Edition and I got stuck at a) Determine Criticality. We are a repair/remanufacturing facility for the oil and gas industry ...
September 10, 2012

What is the Grandfather Clause in ISO, and When Should I Use It?

When implementing a new management system based on the ISO standards, whether it is a quality management system, environmental management system, information security management system, etc., ...
April 16, 2010

Combining ISO 9001 with C-TPAT Requirements: A Simple Approach to Building an Integrated Quality Management System

Sweet Challenge I was called to a prospective client to help them implement ISO 9001. They seemed very interested at improving their processes in order to increase their quality and revenues. After contract negotiations, we were given the green light and quickly began process mapping the company’s main functions. As we moved from process mapping ...
September 4, 2009

What Does Calibration and Approved Suppliers Have in Common?

When you think about equipment that is used for measuring and test activities, you think about important equipment that is used to pass/fail product but may not necessarily find correlation with suppliers. However this very equipment – whether is calibrated in-house or off-site – does involve a supply chain one way or the other and ...
June 26, 2009

Effective Evaluation & Reevaluation of Suppliers – Part 1

The ISO 9001standard’s requirements in regards to suppliers are very short and concise but carry a lot of punch. This requirement can be very deceiving and in fact is very often misinterpreted and carried out poorly or partially. By implementing this clause correctly, an organization will get the full extent of the benefits sought out ...