Safety and Environmental Management Systems

January 14, 2015
Leadership Dont Compromise Quality

Leadership Notes – Don’t Compromise on Quality

To all my colleagues and fellow executives, If you have not made a New Year’s resolution, here is my humble advice for one, from a cohort who also has a company to run...
January 5, 2013
bsi certification registration

My ISO Audit is Coming Up and I Have an Emergency – Can We Reschedule?

Can we reschedule an ISO audit? A reader recently asked, “We got certified last year in April. Does our audit this year have to be in April, or can we have it a few months before or after?” ...
August 10, 2012

Our ISO Management Rep is Leaving the Company: Should I Call 911?

Your ISO management Rep is leaving the company, and you have yet to reassign the post. Don’t worry – there is no need to hit the panic button or call 911. If you are wondering whether there are any formalities that need to be followed, then you are on the right track. With some simple ...