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ISO & API Turnkey Consulting

Mireaux’s Turnkey Consulting services involve full turnkey assistance in the development and implementation of management systems that conform to ISO or API management system standards. Mireaux provides expert guidance, a dedicated team, and years of knowledge to ensure our clients achieve the desired certifications.

And since certification is just the beginning of the journey towards excellence, our proven consulting approach also ensures that the management system being put in place is suitable for your organization and can be sustained by your own team for years to come.

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Examples of standards Mireaux commonly help organizations get certified to:

Our experience and proven consulting approach can be demonstrated with our solid track record that has seen 100% of our clients attain their certification goals and business objectives.

Proven Consulting Approach

When we partner with your organization, we work diligently to ensure that your project is successfully completed on time and within budget. We achieve this level of commitment by:

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Dedicated Consultant

Assigning a dedicated Management System Consultant, Technical Writer, Auditor, and Trainer for your project.
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Establish a Project Plan

Establishing a project plan to be updated and followed throughout the project.
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Constant Communication

Maintaining constant communication through on-site periodic visits, by phone, by e-mail, and through online video conferences.
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Weekly Reports

Issuing weekly reports with a list of action items for all responsible parties.

Using this continual improvement mentality, we have helped and continue to help our Clients implement sound and effective management systems.

Business Integration Strategic Consulting

With the expansion of global markets, global supply chains, and the flood of communication; organizations are in a constant state of change, improvement, and growth. Mireaux has extensive experience helping growing organizations promote cohesiveness and integration through the implementation of a corporate or global management system based on the ISO or API standards. In fact, we have found that bringing Mireaux as the neutral party can help mitigate any internal issues that may surface when trying to bring together different divisions or companiesWith its proven consulting approach, Mireaux can help bring synergy between newly formed or growing organizations through an integrated corporate or global management system. 

All of the ISO and API standards are proven benchmarks, promoting concepts such as the Process Approach, Document Control, Risk Assessment, and Continual Improvement as the cornerstone for success. Using them as the basis for integration can certainly benefit any growing organization.

Call Mireaux now at 713-589-4680 and schedule a meeting to discuss your current situation and see how Mireaux can help bring it all – and everyone – together.

Frequently Asked Questions
What industries/sectors does Mireaux specialize in?

Since 2001, Mireaux has been serving organizations in various industries become ISO or API certified. Learn more about industries we have helped in the past.

Although Mireaux has expanded to new sectors over the years and has amassed a great deal of expertise and knowledge on certain sectors, we always treat every organization as unique; ensuring that its own processes are taken into consideration when implementing the desired management system.

What are the benefits of choosing Mireaux as your consulting partner?
  • We have 100% success rate in helping companies obtain ISO or API Certifications
  • Our Proven Consulting Approach creates a real sense of ownership within your organization.
  • Our Consultants have 10 years or more of prior industry experience in various industries
  • Our Turnkey Consulting services paired with simultaneous deployment of your Web QMS will give you the best bang for your buck!
  • Each Turnkey Consulting job gets assigned a team that includes a Consultant, a Technical Writer, an Auditor, and a Trainer to ensure a well-rounded implementation of your management system.
  • Integrated Services: We provide consulting, internal auditstraining, and our software Web QMS, all with the same winning approach.
How does our proven consulting approach work?

Mireaux’s Turnkey Consulting management system Services consist of turnkey jobs. A turnkey job means we assist your organization from the beginning of the project until your organization has achieved the desired ISO or API certifications and has the certificate in your hands.

We treat every job as a project. In this manner, we allocate resources, assign a timeline, and create tasks related to the certification being sought out. We then establish a project plan and use it to manage and control the job. Individual activities are based on the standard requirements, while time durations are based on experience. Final timelines are often dictated by the client and agreed with us.

With this approach, we guarantee the project will accomplish all required activities, meet established deadlines, and be successful. In fact, in our business trajectory, we have never requested our Clients to delay the project timeline, which is an achievement in itself!

What are the typical steps for certification?

There is no typical job, as every client has their own processes and idiosyncrasies, however in terms of steps to certification, we can summarize them as follows:

By ensuring all tasks on the project plan have been completed, Mireaux has high certainty that the first 3 steps above have been completed and that our client is ready for the Stage 1 and Stage 2 audits with the registrar or certification body.

What documents does Mireaux help with?

Given the turnkey nature of our consulting projects, Mireaux assists consulting clients with all required documentation. Depending on the standard being sought out and the organizations’ processes, this may entail procedures, work instructions, forms, or other specific documentation.  In general, the scope of work includes the following documentation but not limited to:

  • Manual (Quality, Environmental, etc.)
  • Policy (Quality, Environmental, Information Security, etc.)
  • Core procedures pertaining to the organization core competencies or core processes
  • Support procedures such as Document Control, Training, Risk Assessment, etc. as necessary
  • Internal Audit templates (checklists, reports, etc.)
  • Management Review templates (presentation, minutes, etc.)
  • Job Descriptions
  • Statement of Applicability (SOA – Information Security)
  • Conformity Matrix (All API standards)
Why is a Management System important for Integration?

Buyouts, mergers & acquisitions, and absorptions are increasingly more prevalent in the business world. When these situations occur, questions that commonly arise include:

  • How to preserve the quality of our products and services
  • How to ensure the new organization forms a cohesive unit
  • How to retain knowledge and talent

Integration means working together to overcome obstacles, sharing best practices to improve processes, and finding the right place for the right people in the new organization. Implementing a management system based on the ISO or API standards, can help find common ground and bring structure in what otherwise could be a chaotic growth and integration process.

How can Mireaux help an organization who recently acquired 3 companies integrate?

Mireaux’s proven Turnkey Consulting approach makes extensive use of process mapping techniques for documenting the processes in an organization. Utilizing these techniques, Mireaux can achieve the following:

  • Identify best practices
  • Find common ground for global processes
  • Formalize ad hoc processes
  • Involve all people, at all levels
  • Promote process ownership
  • Promote management system ownership

In essence, Mireaux uses the implementation or enhancement of a management system, as the catalyst for unification.


Project Description: Consulting, Auditing, and Web QMS for API Q1 and API 11B certification

“I feel that I am a bit overdue in sending this letter to you to relay my feelings of our experience to date with Mireaux Management Solutions. Since the beginning, Mireaux’s engagement with US Rod has been exemplary. Mireaux’s consulting support for the creation of an API Q1 QMS and API 11B program, and associated audit preparation was
performed in a time frame that we at first did not think possible, since our own internal resources had tried fruitlessly to do it themselves over a longer period of time prior to Mireaux’s engagement. Your consultants were extremely professional in all their engagements with US Rod, both onsite, and remotely during the pandemic travel restrictions. We appreciated how your team seamlessly integrated into our team, and how smoothly communication and idea flow occurred. Mireaux’s approach to using a different internal auditor team during our pre-API audit preparation was also a brilliant idea and we appreciated that you use this not only to put a different set of eyes on our QMS but also to overcheck your own consultants.

You will recall that we had a very successful API audit with only a few minor findings. Mireaux’s support in crafting strong responses to those findings was very helpful, and we believe helped to cause API’s acceptance of our responses on the first submittal. US Rod continues to use Mireaux’s Web QMS software platform, and we have been extremely grateful for the prompt and professional support from your software team whenever we have needed assistance or have made requests for customization to our software portal.

US Rod is very grateful to have found such a strong and trusted business partner to assist in our QMS activities. As we continue to grow in our industry segment, we will look to expand our existing system to incorporate EMS and possibly lab certifications. We will certainly come to Mireaux first when those needs materialize. Thank you again!”

M. Chapman,
US Rod Manufacturing, LLC

US Rod Manufacturing, LLC Consulting, Auditing, and Web QMS for API Q1 and API 11B certification February 8, 2022

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