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API Specification Q1 Consulting

Mireaux’s API Q1 Consulting services are designed to help you establish a robust Quality Management System that can meet the stringent requirements of API Specification Q1.

Compared to the ISO 9001:2015 standard, API Q1 offers no compromise. Every requirement is clearly laid out to ensure that your Quality Management System is the best in class. If you are considering adopting API Q1, you are demonstrating a desire to supply the oil and gas industry with the highest quality manufactured products as well as having a management team who believes that quality processes add value and ensure long-term success.

Our API Q1 Certification Consulting services prime your organization for achieving every one of the API Q1 requirements.

To learn more about API Q1 Consulting services, as well as our API Q1 training and other services,  please call Mireaux today at 713-589-4680.

Mireauxms provides Lonestar Energy Fabrication API Spec Q1 Certification

API Q1 consulting client: Lonestar Energy Fabrication – Baytown, TX – 2015

About API Specification Q1

The American Petroleum Institute (API) is an organization that promotes oil and petroleum in the United States. They have published and maintain more than 600 product specifications, as well as API Specification Q1 and API Q2.  API Q1 has been developed to address Quality Management Systems for organizations that manufacture products or provide manufacturing-related services under a product specification for use in the petroleum and natural gas industry.

The goal of this specification is to outline the minimum requirements for the development of a Quality Management System that provides for continual improvement, emphasizes defect prevention, and strives to minimize variation and waste from manufacturing organizations. It is designed to promote reliability in the manufacturing sector of the petroleum and natural gas industry.

Mireaux has helped many clients achieve API Q1 certification through our proven API Q1 consulting. Furthermore we support organizations with expert-led API Q1 training, auditing, managed services and Web QMS software.

Training Offerings

This 3-day API Q1 Implementation training course provides a deep look into the API Q1 9th Edition Addendum 2 Specification for Quality Management System Requirements for Manufacturing Organizations for the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries. Learn more about this course.




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  • September 28, 2021 - September 30, 2021
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This 4-day API Q1 Internal Auditor Training course provides attendees with a firm understanding of API Q1 2nd Addendum, along with internal auditing techniques detailing how to prepare, plan, and executes Internal Audits. Learn more about this course.




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Auditing Capabilities

Mireaux Management Solutions has extensive experience conducting various types of audits against API Spec Q1, including the following:

Mireaux can help you implement an audit program that is suitable to your organization and that can be carried out effectively and consistently.

Web QMS Software

Cloud-based, secure and powerful, our Web QMS software helps you achieve, maintain, and improve your API Specification Q1 certification, allowing your employees full access and visibility to your management system – anytime, anywhere.

  • Approved Supplier List -> Supplier Corrective Actions
  • Asset Register
  • Behavioral Base Safety (BBS)
  • Business Continuity Plan (BCP)
  • Calibration -> Out-of-Tolerance Conditions
  • Communication Plan
  • Conformity Matrix
  • Contingency Planning
  • Corrective Action
  • Critical Processes
  • Critical Services and SRP
  • Customer Complaints
  • Customer Property
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • E-Learning
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Employee Certifications
  • Employee Handbook
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • External Audits -> External Audit Findings
  • External Documents
  • Glossary
  • HSE Manual
  • HSE Policy
  • Information Security Incidents
  • Internal Audits -> Internal Audit Findings
  • Inventory Control
  • ISMS Manual
  • ISMS Policy
  • Job Descriptions
  • Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
  • Lessons Learned
  • List of Legal Requirements
  • Main Process Map
  • Management of Change (MOC)
  • Management Reviews -> Management Review Action Items
  • Monitoring and Measuring
  • Nonconformance Report (NCR)
  • Objectives
  • Organizational Charts
  • Preventive Action
  • Procedures, Work Instructions & Forms
  • Product Quality Plans
  • Quality Manual
  • Quality Policy
  • Records Retention
  • Risk Assessment -> Significant Risks
  • Safety Incidents
  • Service Quality Plan
  • Short Service Employee (SSE)
  • Special Interest Groups
  • Statement of Applicability
  • Training Events
  • Training Plan
Web QMS Software

Frequently Asked Questions

Achievement of API Q1 certification can provide organizations with significant benefits as outlined below:

  • Helps create very efficient and consistent processes
  • Increases productivity
  • Increases customer satisfaction
  • Strengthens the supply chain
  • Ensures changes are controlled and risks are minimized
  • Helps establish a robust training program
  • Offers significant financial savings through error reduction
  • Creates a framework for future continual improvement

While API Q1 used to mirror the ISO 9001 standard closely; with the advent of its 9th edition published in June of 2014, API Q1 made large strides to carve its own path. The API Q1 9th Edition goes more in detail at every requirement, raising the bar and leaving no room to comply with just the “minimum.” Like ISO 9001, API Q1 provides proven tools for organizations to establish, assess, and improve the quality of the day-to-day processes that make them run, however it does so in a more detailed way, prescribing necessary procedures, programs and metrics to ensure the organization can meet the demands of the petroleum industry.

API Q1 is currently in its 9th Edition. Organizations seeking new certifications must comply with this version.

Mireaux Management Solutions offers turnkey assistance in your organization’s quest for API Q1 certification, working diligently with a team made up of a dedicated API Q1 Consultant, Auditor, Technical Writer and Trainer, all of whom understand compliance and the stringent requirements of API. Utilizing our Proven Consulting Approach, we guarantee successful certification for any organization working with us.

Mireaux has a wealth of experience with with this standard,  from API Q1 consulting for organizations to help them achieve certification,  to auditing them,  to providing API-U approved courses;  Mireaux is the authority in API Spec Q1.


Northwest Pipe Company

Project Description: API-U Q1 Fundamentals Training Course

Paul [Instructor] made sure to answer any questions I had, along with taking the time to review things that needed extra clarification. He went above and beyond to explain other related questions. Starting with no previous knowledge of API standards, this course was extremely helpful. It is relevant to my job and the material will be a great starting point for me. Paul was an awesome instructor. He made sure all of my questions were answered in a way I could understand. Not enough space to write down how great he did! This was a virtual course. Everything went smoothly with the zoom meeting with few interruptions. Paul made the material easy to understand and used real life experiences to help explain the material. He made sure to answer every question I had and kept the material interesting. If I needed just a little more time on certain subjects, he made sure I got it. He took the time to make sure I understood everything. I appreciate his real-life examples that pertained to the course material we were reviewing. As I have no previous API knowledge, I was nervous to not understanding the information that I would be learning during this course, but Paul made it easy to understand and relatable. By far one of the best instructors I have had. I appreciate his time and efforts in teaching me!


Amanda B.
Northwest Pipe Company

Northwest Pipe Company API-U Q1 Fundamentals Training Course November 12, 2020

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